Old Style Shampoo to Pass a Drug Test: Is it Really Effective?

Shampoo to Pass a Drug Test

There are a lot of reasons why people might be concerned about passing drug testing using hair as a test sample. Whether you have been using cannabis for the last 90 days, stayed in a room where a lot of people are smoking weed or use your roommate’s diet pills to help you stay awake during finals week, there is a big chance that your hair follicles will hold drug residues and they will be picked up by the test.

The company where you are currently working can require their employees to subject in a drug testing or if you are undergoing a medical procedure, the hospital can check for an illegal substance to make sure the treatment will not have an adverse effect on your body.

What is a hair drug test?

Hair drug testing is a simple test that uses hair from your head as a sample. The laboratory can take samples from different areas of your head to make sure that you do not end up having a bald spot. The hairs are then tested in the laboratory for any presence of drug substance, whether it is a prescription or illegal drugs that have been consumed in 90 days by the person submitting the sample.

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How to pass a hair drug test

Usually, drug testing is designed to find out whether the person submitting the sample is using or abusing prescription drugs or the presence of ecstasy, marijuana, methamphetamine, opiates like morphine codeine and 6-acetyl-morphine and cocaine. Listed below are ways to help people avoid getting a result that is unfavorable to the person subjected to the testing.

Hair shampoo

One of the biggest questions, when you get subjected to hair drug testing, is, “What if I’m bald?” The answer is yes, you will still undergo hair follicle drug testing even if you don’t have any hair on your head, and you do not get a free pass. The laboratory will decide on the area where they will get the hair sample. There are at least five million hairs on our body and the laboratories can determine whether they will get the sample from your head, nose, armpit, legs or anywhere in between.

It is not the preferred option since the hair in your body tends to grow a lot slower compared to the hair on your head, so it becomes a lot more challenging to work the timing if the lab gets a positive result. There are times that the testing company will get samples from both body and head if there are limited numbers of hair around your head. Another issue is whether it will affect the result if the person bleached their hair. Unfortunately, the test can still detect the drug components whether you bleach it or not.

Although there are a lot of old wives stories about using hair dyes or ammonia to erase the traces of drugs from your hair follicles, these are just stories that had no scientific evidence and they do not actually work. Also, curling or straightening chemicals will not even help you erase the traces of drugs; neither does heated styling devices.

Blood or urine testing

Blood or urine drug testing can only detect substances used within a specified period, a week after the sample is extracted at most. In most cases, this is what’s required, like when the police want to bring charges to people due to DUI or DWI. But most companies or organization wants to know whether the people they want to hire or work with are using prescription or illegal drugs over a more extended period.

Home testing

One of the favorite things that parents orders when they suspects their kids of taking prescription or illegal drugs is a portable testing kit. A lot of parents use home test kits, get samples and send it to the laboratory for drug testing. The test result is mailed to the designated address the purchaser indicated after a few days. You can try this method to see if you can pass the hair drug screening. But companies and organizations are more likely to ask samples and test it in a place where there is adequate supervision. 

So what can you do to make sure you can get a favorable result?

One of the most trusted products when it comes to shampoos to help pass a hair drug screening is the aloe rid shampoos. Although it is not cheap, it has helped a lot of people pass hair follicle drug screening many times. Here’s one tip; you need to make sure you know who your supplier was.

If you want to use the most effective product, you need to use the Old Style shampoo using an old recipe. It is a stronger formula, but the manufacturer discontinued making it. The new version is not that useful (actually, it does not work at all). If you want to know more whether the Old Style shampoos is still available or not, you can check websites like jmockit.org/old-style-aloe-toxin-rid-shampoo-review.

Wash the toxins away

Usually, the company or the organization that wants you to get tested will warn you before the day of the drug screening, but that is not always the case. In reality, you need more or less ten days to prepare for the screening. For three to ten days, you need to wash your hair with the aloe rid shampoo every morning and evening.

You will need to apply it on your hair, leave it for at least ten minutes but not more than twenty and rinse. You need to make sure that the solution is applied on the scalp. You will get ten to fifteen washes before the drug screening. You can use your regular shampoo to get rid of the solution, apply aloe rid one more time, soak it for at least ten minutes, rinse and add regular conditioner before washing your hair with water.

Can this method help people pass hair drug screening?

People say that illegal drugs, more specifically cocaine contaminate every paper money that is in the circulation, so the only way to make sure that you will get a 100% accurate drug screening result that is favorable to you is to lock yourself in a clean or sterile room and live on a bread and water diet. While aloe rid is considered as a practical solution to your problem, if your car concerned about the result, you can order a portable drug testing kit and test your hair samples by yourself before submitting to lab test.

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