Keep diseases away from you with nasal air filters

nasal air filters

In urban areas, the problem of air pollution is a big issue and many people are suffering from different types of respiratory diseases and allergies caused due to air pollutants present in the air. Air is a mixture of different types of gases like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon di oxide and many more gases. What makes air contaminated is called air pollutants and they are basically the exhausts emitted from industries and automobiles running or roads. Air pollutants like sulphur di oxide, carbon mono oxide, oxides of nitrogen, methane etc generally emitted by industries contaminate the air and make it toxic to human beings.  We have not got much success in controlling the air pollution despite the fact that many actions have been taken by the government of different countries.

As a result, people are suffering from different types of diseases like difficulties in breathing, asthma, allergy, heart failure headache etc. Solution to this problem is not so simple but we have developed nasal filters which have proved to be very important in preventing particulate matters and other pollutants directly entering our body. People in urban areas are facing this problem more than the rural areas. So if you are residing in an urban area you must wear these filters to protect your body from these harmful substances. These air filters have different unique features and you will really love to use them. They have different shapes and sizes to suit different people. They are very small and can fit easily into your nostrils. They are very effective in filtering the air pollutants and will allow only fresh air to pass through it.

They are able to filter sub-micron pollutants which are invisible to naked eyes. If these particles enter into your body they get accumulated in different parts of the body and are enough to make you ill. But you can easily avoid such things by just wearing these filters. They are easily available all over the country on different medical stores. You can also place an order online on different e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc keep yourself away from deadly diseases caused by these pollutants.  Many companies are also offering combo offers so that you can save money by buying these filters for your family members too.  You can help your family members too by providing them with these filters.

Advantages of this filter over conventional masks used for filtration

  • Easy to wear: – You can easily wear them into your nostrils and also remove them when required. But conventional filters makes you irritating while use as they cover your entire face.
  • Great filtration capacity: – They are more effective than face masks.
  • Long lasting: – They have a long life than the face masks.
  • Can be used during bike riding: – You can use them while driving bikes but face masks cannot be used for the same purpose.
  • Great look: – These filters do not appear to other people as they remain inside your nose. But face masks look ugly.

Summary: –   Different types of pollutants in the air have made it harmful to inhale and are known for causing different deadly diseases in our body. But with nasal filters, we can change the scenario. They provide us fresh air and keep us healthy for a long time.

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