How to keep your blood pressure in check at home

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Lifestyle diseases have become really common these days. As more and more people are falling prey to these genetically passed on and lifestyle diseases, the awareness about them is also rapidly increasing. There is hardly any household which does not have a person who has either blood sugar or pressure or likewise.

The thing about lifestyle diseases is that they can be easily kept in control if you do the needful. Of the many harmful lifestyle diseases that plague our generation, high blood pressure is something which is very common. This is a condition that can be treated very easily with just a little bit of care from our end. Well if you are struggling or if you know someone who is struggling with high blood pressure, then here are certain simple yet extremely effective techniques that you can follow:

  • The first thing that you will have to do if you have high blood pressure is regularly consult your doctor and keep a check on your readings. You can easily buy blood pressure monitor online with the help of each you can take your own readings at home as well and know where you stand. It is very important to keep a constant check on your blood pressure in order to ensure proper treatment.
  • One of the best ways to bring down your blood pressure is through exercise. You have to fix a time daily when you will exercise, may it be thirty or forty minutes of simple brisk walking. You have sweat out the extra fat, since if you keep your weight in check it will help to keep your blood pressure in check. Excessive fat content raises your blood sugar level and hence you will have to keep it low at all times if you want your readings to be normal.
  • Another thing that you can try out when it comes to lowering your blood pressure is minimizing the intake of salt. You are neither supposed to have any loose salt along with your food nor food items like chips or wafers that use salt without cooking it. In case you have a very high reading, then you can stop having salt in any one of the food items that you have at home for best results.
  • High blood pressure is also intricately linked with cholesterol and hence you will have to minimize the amount of oil that you have in your food. Have as less fried food as possible and cook with minimum amount of oil. There are various food items that are delicious without the use of excessive oil which you need to make a part of your daily diet.
  • And last but not the least you will also have to keep a check on your waistline since studies have shown, bigger the waistline, higher are the chances of your blood pressure being high!

So, these are some very basic and simple to follow techniques that you can resort to, to lower your blood pressure.

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