It Is Fitter To Get Sebaceous Cyst Treated

Sebaceous Cyst Treated

Sebaceous cyst is a skin infection which is hardened bumps within the skin containing foul semi-liquid. It originates from the sebaceous gland containing sebum. It develops mostly on the body parts such as scalp, face, neck and torso. If it got caught up at hairier region, can cause hair loss after long duration. They are usually ignored as they are slow growing and aren’t threatening. Sebaceous cyst treatment can sometimes become necessary as it can cause further infection.


It is caused when sebaceous gland gets blocked, swollen hair follicles, high levels of testosterone and the use of androgenic anabolic steroid. It can also be hereditary.

Diagnosis of a sebaceous cyst

Sebaceous cyst can be diagnosed by simple physical examination. However, if the cyst is unusual then doctors would recommend an additional tests to rule out possible cancers. Your cyst should also needs to be examine through these tests:

CT Scans

This will ensure doctors to find the best route for surgery and to spot abnormalities.


This is done to identify the contents of cysts.

Punch Biopsy

This involves in removal of a small amount of tissue from the cyst to examine it in a laboratory for signs of cancer!


Sebaceous cyst brings abnormal skin growth. It is a round bump, mostly soft on skin with flakes of keratin. You know it is infectious when started causing irritation, redness, pain or pus drainage.

Things to take care of:

  • Make sure to keep the infected area clean by washing regularly.
  • Should not be treated like pimples as picking or popping can worsen it.
  • Do not apply any cosmetics on it.
  • If the irritation and redness increases, should immediately consult doctor rather then trying home remedies.


People usually avoid it getting treated as it is non cancerous and painless and sometimes inherited. However, it is advisable to get Sebaceous cyst treatment because it could sometimes be agonizing, very uneasy on skin, visually ugly and can cause other skin growth and infections.

The doctor may perform a biopsy to make sure of sebaceous cyst as it can sometimes be confused with Epidermoid cyst or Pilar cyst. If a cyst is small, he/she can lance and drain it to remove it completely as remainder of any sac wall can spread it and cause reappearance. It is also removed for cosmetic reason. So it is necessary to have right method of removal.

If the cyst is large and tender it might advisable by doctor to perform minor local surgical removal under local anaesthetic. It is completely safe and speed up healing.Few antibiotics may involve in the process.


Cyst is not infectious but it it does infected then it would look red due to inflammation. It can also appear whitish due to the presence of pus! However, the pus may smell unpleasant. Moreover, you can apply a warm compress, keep it clean by washing it with an antibacterial soap in order to treat an infected cyst. Further, don’t cover an infected cyst with cosmetics.

You can also use home remedies such as tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and aloe vera, to treat infected cysts!


Sebaceous cyst is not life- threatening, still it can cause many troubles on skin like irritation, redness, abnormal skin growth, infection, etc., so it is more convenient to consult a dermatologist. If you are a resident of London there are some of the best dermatologist in London you can consult for Sebaceous cyst or any other skin troubles. However, most infections will go away with antibiotics, but some can be deadly if untreated.

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