Helpful Tips: The SAFE Way to Take ANAVAR


When you check bodybuilding websites and forums, you will find a long list of Anavar dosage recommendations. Do not be surprised when you find different variations of dosage and frequency of use. The dosage will normally depend on some factors that you have to consider. Bodybuilders are hooked by this steroid.

Anavar is very popular in the bodybuilding circle because of its amazing benefits on improving the user’s physique, rapid muscle growth, and promote better overall performance. There are warnings everywhere about the dangers of using this drug. But somehow, bodybuilders are not afraid of them and think that these risks are worth taking because of the benefits that they can get from this drug.

What is Anavar?

Anavar (Oxandrolone), is a laboratory-developed steroid. It is created to copy the possible effects of testosterone. Anavar was originally prescribed to treat a weight gain to patients with chronic illness, severe injury or a difficult surgery. Anavar is not as potent as other steroids but it can increase the level of testosterone in the body. You can gain muscles, increase in size, and also improve strength with Anavar.

The SAFE Way to Buy Anavar Online

Before you buy Anavar online, you have to choose your vendor. There are a lot of unsafe sources online who only wants to scam Anavar users. Most of the counterfeit drugs are manufactured from underground laboratories that were never regulated and check for legalities, their manufacturing process, as well as for sanitation.

Another thing that you should do before making that purchase is to check other user’s review online about Anavar. Check out dosage suggestions especially lower doses recommended by others, as well as usage frequency to see how others are doing with their cycles. You can usually get helpful hints online that are being shared by experienced bodybuilders.

The Anavar SAFE Dosage Recommendation

Anavar dosage recommendations for medical and nonmedical use are totally different. For medical purposes, the Anavar dosage is usually at 2.5 mg to 20 mg a day. The ranges are on its extremes because it depends on the severity of the patient’s case. However, in bodybuilding, the most common dosage suggestion from forums and steroid websites ranges from 15 mg a day and can be as high as 25 mg a day, or even higher.

Possible Side Effects with Anavar Use

Side effects for Anavar are not always based on the dosage. Remember that even at low dosages, side effects can still happen. And also, side effects may differ for each individual user. There are some users who experience short-term effects which are usually temporary and will just disappear on its own. But there are some users who might be too sensitive to Anavar who experience more serious reactions to the drug than expected.

Anavar is the steroid of choice for most bodybuilders. This is one of the most recommended steroids on the market today. This is why even those who are new to steroid use are curious about the benefits that they can get from this product. But before taking it, be curious about its negative effects first. This may or may not be the drug for you. Always consider your health and always make it your priority.

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