Dr. Roger Olade gives his opinion on Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management

Management skills are very important skill that is necessary in almost every single business discipline. This also includes the healthcare sector where having reduced management can be a matter of life and death for patients. Healthcare management is basically the management, administration or oversight of public health systems, healthcare systems, entire hospital networks, hospitals or other medical facilities. Responsibilities of healthcare professionals include ensuring that individual departments run effortlessly, qualified employees are hired, information is disseminated proficiently throughout the organization, particular outcomes are reached and resources are used capably, among many other responsibilities. Healthcare management is thus a profession that provides direction and leadership to organizations that deliver personal health services to departments, divisions, units, or services within those organizations.

Dr. Roger Olade talks about the benefits of healthcare management

Dr. Roger Olade, MD, MPH is a medical professional with decades of experience in numerous specialties, including Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and Public Health. A vital individual in healthcare in Nigeria, Dr. Olade is the Chief Medical Director of Genesis Specialist Hospital in Lagos. He is also a head in the academic side of healthcare and, after working untiringly on articles, research projects, and more within industry organizations, he decided to offer his services to Genesis Health Inc, a healthcare consulting firm with international offices.

Following are some of the benefits of working in healthcare management:

  • One of the greatest benefits of working in the health care industry is that it can truly change the world. Health care management professionals help health systems work more proficiently which in turn helps in patient care. Health care management professionals have been experts in advocating healthcare policy changes that seek to offer healthcare coverage for the poor, offer broader preventive care to at risk populations, and brings about other changes to enhance health care delivery to broader segments of the population and community at large.
  • Health Care Management professionals’ job to ensure that doctors and nurses give quality care, and to manage the budget so that a hospital or practice can serve as many people as possible. By staying on top of the newest technologies and advances, one can bring advanced care to the community. Health care management professionals are more vital than ever for nursing homes, hospitals and hospices, which is needed to keep costs down and still meet industry standards for care.
  • Career opportunities in Health Care Management are virtually limitless. One can choose a specific sub-field, such as human resources, finance, information systems, patient care or supply chain management, or aim for a top job as a CEO. They can work for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, universities, nursing homes, federal agencies, insurers and private medical practices.

As stated by Dr. Roger Olade rightly healthcare management continues to grow and offers a number of opportunities to contribute to one’s communities and society at large. This in turn has increased the demand of healthcare managers as they direct, plan and coordinate health services and manage healthcare professionals in a range of capacities. Dr. Olade further added that although the healthcare system is all about improving the lives of the patient, the business side of this industry is as vital as ever in building sustainable hospitals and practices.

Dr. Olade has been associated with First Texas Hospital, Genesis Specialist Hospital etc. As far as his education is concerned he has completed Masters of Public Health from Harvard University and Fellowship, Clinical Toxicology and Occupational medicine from Harvard Medical School.

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