Don’t want to do MBBS, let us help you with other Career Options


Are you particular about entering into the field of medicine? But do not want to do MBBS. Let us help you explore the other options with our career expert.

When you say that you wish to get into the field of medicine or healthcare, the first thing most people will say is to do your MBBS course. But, if you are not interested to take up this course, but wish to frame your career in the healthcare domain, we at will help you with other career choices. These suggestions are given by our career expert Mr Mukesh Maheshwari, who is our co-founder as well:


A Nutritionist is an interesting career choice, specifically if you are highly particular about nutrition and health. You can simply enrol yourself in the B. Sc course in Nutrition or Home Science after your higher secondary in science stream. If you wish to do your B. Sc, you should have completed your higher secondary with PCB, but if you wish to do your B. Tech in Food Technology, you should have mathematics at your higher secondary level. Thereafter, you can pursue your M. Sc in nutrition. To do this course, you can have B. Sc in nutrition, applied physiology, biochemistry, food science or microbiology.

How about a career associated with operation theatres?

We understand that you do not want to do your MBBS, but still, if you wish to get into operation theatres, the best choice available for you is to do your B. Sc in Operation Theatre course. It is a course created with a view to meeting the growing needs in the field of post-operation care, anaesthesia technology, medical ethics and operation theatre management.


If you are kind enough to animals and would like to serve them, the best alternative to MBBS is Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry course. This course is of five-year duration similar to MBBS and you will have to complete your internship as well within this period. Also, there is All India Level Entrance Examination that you can take up after your higher secondary with PCB subjects.


Do you know that nowadays people are more into naturopathy? You know that many people are searching for natural home remedies. They know that naturopaths treat diseases by bringing some lifestyle changes and they are showing good results as well. So, if you are particular about a futurist career, you can choose the BNYS expanded as Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences course. Similar to other courses you should complete your higher secondary in science stream with PCB papers. There are colleges specialized in offering this course in many states in India.

Forensic Scientist:

Taking up B. Sc in Forensic Science is yet another option available for you as you want to avoid MBBS course. If you would like to watch crime shows, a course in forensic science will help you explore this field. An array of the thrill will always be associated with a career as a forensic scientist.

So, consider these career and course choices as an alternative to MBBS if you wish to get into the field of medicine for your career.

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