What does a Caul Birth signify?

Caul Baby Birth

En Caul Baby Birth is a phenomenon on the rarer side. This type of birth also goes by the name of head helmet. Here an amniotic sac is being attached to the head or it could also be the face of the baby. This type of birth is pretty rare as the baby tends to arise from the sac that goes on to resemble a thin membrane. During the process of birth, the sac tends to detach and gets stuck on the head of the baby. Then the doctor removes the sac without any major issues but in some cases what happens is that the sac gets attached to the head of the baby. So the doctors would need to exercise caution that the skin of the baby is not peeled off.

Since so many myths are floating around this type of birth, precisely  because of the fact that one of 80,000 babies tend to have this. A lot of beliefs are being associated with the Caul Birth. Quiet often it tends to send shivers down the spine of a mother, but the core fact is that it is a harmless and inevitable process.

The major belief which surrounds this type of birth is that kids are considered to be of good omen. The main reason for it is that this type of birth is rare and lot of interesting stories revolve around it. The Roman midwives used to steal the caul and then sell them to the sailors. If a lawyer had a caul they felt that no one could defeat them in any case. This belief slowly started spreading to other countries of Europe as well. For example, in a place like Dalmatia, if someone was on his death bed, then placing a caul under their bed makes the process of passing away a lot easy. In countries like Belgium the caul is only considered to be lucky if it was buried under a field. Another fact that emerges is that the coal miners used to carry cauls so that they could keep the fire at bay.

So from the basic discussion till now the basic fact that emerges is that this form of birth is pretty much on the rarer side and it is lucky. Coupled with the fact that one is immune to drowning in any way.  There was a theory floating around that in 1939, a young boy went on to drown himself. The main reason attributed to such a situation was that his mother went on to throw the caul away. A lot of sailors still retain the cauls in the hope that they are not going to drown in any way.

You might regard yourself to be lucky that if you are born with a caul. It would mean that you are also bestowed with some form of super natural powers. Just consider it is a natural form of birth and most times it tends to happen when the baby is at a premature stage.

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