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The conflict between progesterone and estrogen level is the reason for the onset of many serious health problems such as weight gain, frequent stress, and irregular menstrual cycles. In addition, hormonal imbalance can also cause uterine fibroids, impaired libido, allergic reactions, breast cancer, and so on. Hormones in the body naturally change during puberty, giving […]

Are babies born without kneecaps?

babies born without kneecaps

No matter how many times a toddler falls when they try to run around the room, they would not seem to break a bone or hurt themselves badly. They climb, jump and run for hours, and occasionally fall on their knees, but after a bout of crying they return back to their normal activities. Does […]

Do babies have kneecaps?


Anyone who has spent a reasonable amount of time with the toddlers will be aware that standing and walking are possible before braking and steering.  The impressive qualities of the toddlers in licking or tearing keeps them ticking. Unless they see someone reacting to their spill with fear, toddlers generally bounce back with a smile […]