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An Overview about Mitral Valve Surgery

Mitral Valve Surgery

If you compare the cost of mitral valve surgery in India, it costs less when you compare the same cost of treatment with the advanced countries of the world. At the same time you need to figure out that the cost could vary depending upon the conditions and the type of facilities that is being […]

What Are Prohormones?

What Are Prohormones

Put simply, prohormones are muscle builders. They’re mostly recommended to fiercely competitive athletes or bodybuilders, as they are the most powerful muscle builders you can get. While anyone can get them, there can be side effects, and the supplements can’t be used all the time. They require a strict diet, training regimen, and schedule and […]

Diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

Of physical or psychic origin, this problem, still taboo, affects millions of men all over the world. If this is your case, you should know that erectile dysfunction has a solution and can be prevented by using Kusuriexpress Valif. Discover how. The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction consists of two levels and depends on the goals […]

Fighting Fat with Innovative New Methods

Fighting Fat with Innovative New Methods

Weight loss is a common goal that often leads people to diets and exercise. These traditional methods can often be slow when it comes to taking weight off. Many people are also extremely overweight, and surgical procedures, however, are not always an option. The best weight loss plans often include a combination of solutions. Coolsculpting […]

Independent Living

Independent Living

As seniors age, they are faced with the likelihood of having to change their living arrangements. Because thinking about moving can be stressful, planning allows seniors to have more control over their circumstances. Thinking ahead allows them more independence. Often, they are having trouble maintaining their residence or keeping up with their yard work. At […]

Why is infertility no more a taboo?

infertility no more a taboo

Infertility was considered as a taboo in our society for a long time that people refused to talk about it. Even friends felt embarrassed to talk about infertility. The main reason for this was, infertility was not predominant. Those days, the main reason for infertility was genetically related issues. This was the only reason which […]

True or false: The top three myths about microwaves

top three myths about microwaves

There have been many myths surrounding microwaves since their introduction, with many questions raised about the impact radiation might have on our health. Though, just how true are these rumours? The experts at House Call Doctor have put together three common myths about microwaves and given you all the facts you need to know. Microwaves […]

A Healthy Dose of Botox

Healthy Dose of Botox

Staying healthy is as important now as it was any time before. The difference being that staying healthy is much easier now than it was any time before. However, just because it is easier, does not mean that we’re that all our problems have been solved, and we can rest easy knowing that modern technology […]

Rapid Suboxone Detoxification – All That You Need to Know

Rapid Suboxone Detoxification

Suboxone is a popular drug used for treating narcotic addiction via reducing opiate addiction and withdrawal symptoms. It is a combination of two drugs naloxone and buprenorphine. The former helps in blocking the opioid medication’s effects including feelings of well-being or pain relief which can result in opioid abuse. The latter is a form of […]