An Overview about Mitral Valve Surgery

Mitral Valve Surgery

If you compare the cost of mitral valve surgery in India, it costs less when you compare the same cost of treatment with the advanced countries of the world. At the same time you need to figure out that the cost could vary depending upon the conditions and the type of facilities that is being availed. If you compare it with the developed countries of the world, the cost almost appears to be double as in comparison to India. Before we precede ahead let us have a clear cut idea on what the surgery is all about.

The mitral valve happens to be a valve that is positioned on the left side of the heart. It is between the lower and upper chambers of the heart. The procedure would mean that the natural mitral valve is being replaced with an artificial one.

The reasons why replacement of mitral valve is called for?

  • First and foremost this form of surgery is being undertaken so as to treat various conditions of the mitral valve
  • At the same time there are various types of mitral valves that go on to exist.
  • When it appears to be the regurgitation, it is observed that the leaflets of the mitral valve are not going to close in a correct manner. This is a condition that occurs due to the leaflets bulging back.
  • There is another common symptom referred to as mitral valve stenosis. Here the leaflets are known to become stiff. It would lead to a narrow opening of the valve and at the same time reduced flow of blood through the valve does occur.
  • It has already been observed that the treatment of the disease would be dependent upon the severity of the condition you are prone to. For the doctors surgery would be the last course of resort when all other forms of treatment have failed to provide the necessary results.
  • There are surgical procedures in place so as to replace or remove the mitral valves. In this regard an ideal example would be open heart surgery

At the same time it has come to the notice that there are three major methods by which you can go on to repair the mitral valve. It would be in the following ways

  • Valvuloplasty- it would ensure the flaps of the leafets are known to close in a proper manner. It does go on to prevent further backing of blood
  • Commissurotomy- you could consider it to a specific type of the above method. You normally rely on this method when the leaflets that represent the wall go on to become a lot stiff. At the base it does go on to fuse which does replicate the ring portion of the valve
  • Annuloplasty-there happens to be a fibrous tissue which is present at the base of the heart valve. This surgery works on a module to repair the same. At a certain point of time the chances are that the annulus might become a lot enlarged as well.

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