Month: February 2018

Simple Life Hacks to tackle Menses!

tackle Menses

It becomes a heck of a task to face a constant heavy bleeding followed by a series of abdominal cramps during the red days. Experiencing heavy flow during the first two days of the menstrual cycle is quite normal for every female but it becomes quite difficult to manage a constant heavy flow for comparatively […]

What is Multiple Autoimmune Syndrome?

Multiple Autoimmune Syndrome

Multiple autoimmune syndrome is a medical condition where affected individuals are diagnosed with at least three autoimmune disorders at the same time. An autoimmune condition is one where the immune system of the body produces proteins known as antibodies that attack and cause inflammatory processes that result in damage to normal cells, tissues, and organs. […]

Leukemia – What are the best treatment options in India


A study shows people above 55 years and below 15 years of age are more likely to develop Leukemia. So, readers in this age group need to read on. Leukemia is a cancerous formation in blood and bone marrow. It basically affects the white blood cells (leukocytes) by a crazy budding of immature blood cells. […]

8 Tips for a Healthy Life

Healthy Life

Being thin is not the same as being fit. To be fit, you must be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. Contrary to what you may believe, this is not so difficult to achieve. All you need to do are take a few small steps every day and be consistent with your efforts. Being healthy is […]

Best Nootropics to Unlock Your Brain’s True Capacity

est Nootropics to Unlock Your Brain

Nootropics, sometimes also called the “smart drugs” are the compounds that are proven to enhance the brain’s functions. Also, they help in keeping you awake. These drugs have now been acknowledged by many students and working professionals, which has provided them much popularity. According to studies, more than 25% of the students of UK’s leading […]

Analytical Method Validation in Pharmaceutical Development

Pharmaceutical Development

Analytical methods must be able to demonstrate that during pharmaceutical development and manufacturing they are fit for their intended use. Analytical methods are used to establish the identity, purity, physical characteristics and potency of the pharmaceutical formulations. Such analytical methods are developed by the pharmaceutical testing laboratories that will support pharmaceutical drug testing against the […]